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Deep in Snow

Just found this great post on first snow of the season – .  I guess I am not the only one that gets excited about the first snow.  We have 2 beautiful golden retrievers – one 12.5 years old, and one 3 years old – Today was gray, cold, 6 inches of snow – but we took the dogs in the woods and they ran and played in the snow.  Even our older dog loved running and rolling in the snow.  Their love of snow is contagious – had to smile and enjoy the great day with the pups.


First Snow of the Year

Today was the first snow of the year.  It is December 1 – I really cannot complain that it is cold, gray, and snowy today.  In the 20s.  Have to get psyched – get in the mindset – it is winter!  Time of darkness (dark on the drive in and dark on the drive home from work).  Time of muddy paws as I let the dogs out.  Time of cold walks and cold drives.  Have to think of things I like in winter:

  • my seat heater
  • big warm sweaters
  • a fire in the fireplace
  • when the sun does shine – definitely appreciate those beautiful days
  • snow or ice on the branches of the trees
  • when the snow is sparkly
  • the fun of giving gifts
  • vacation times. 

I will keep trying to remember positive happy thoughts of winter – open for suggestions….

The Power of Women

Today I came across women at work and home who on a day-to-day basis reflect the power of women.  They are mothers, nurses, writers, bankers, accountants, book-keepers, lawyers, sisters, daughters, wives, friends.  They find time to work, go to school, feed their family, help their mothers, fathers, in-laws, siblings, take their children to school or sports, support their husbands, read great novels, keep up with current events, worry about their children 24/7, walk and feed their dogs, go out with the girls, …. and then…. take time to exercise: pilates, kick boxing, zoomba, yoga, elliptical, walk, run.  Here’s to the sisterhood of women, their stories, energy, and support.