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The Power of Women

Today I came across women at work and home who on a day-to-day basis reflect the power of women.  They are mothers, nurses, writers, bankers, accountants, book-keepers, lawyers, sisters, daughters, wives, friends.  They find time to work, go to school, feed their family, help their mothers, fathers, in-laws, siblings, take their children to school or sports, support their husbands, read great novels, keep up with current events, worry about their children 24/7, walk and feed their dogs, go out with the girls, …. and then…. take time to exercise: pilates, kick boxing, zoomba, yoga, elliptical, walk, run.  Here’s to the sisterhood of women, their stories, energy, and support.


This is my first blog

As I continue on my quest through social media: first twitter, then youtube, facebook and now blogging, I am trying to learn what this new media is all about.

I have many questions, such as: How will this evolve?  Will I like blogging? Will people actually read my blog?  How do you organize a blog?  What should I include in my blog?  I am excited to step into this new frontier.  More to come….